Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.

-Japanese Proverb


Statement of Preschool Philosophy

My philosophy of Early Childhood Education is that each child is unique in terms of life experiences, developmental readiness, personality type and cultural heritage. This forms a unique community of early learners in the preschool classroom. My role as an educator is to provide a safe and nurturing environment which promotes a supportive social/emotional foundation.  This environment allows children to learn how to play, problem solve, work cooperatively with others and make positive choices in their life. Children need to be allowed to have the opportunity to learn about things that are meaningful and relevant to their own life. I will assist children in discovering who they are, so they can express their own feelings and ideas. Children will learn to respect, accept and nurture how unique and special they are as an individual when they are in an enriching and supportive classroom environment.  I also support the following factors of Early Childhood Development:

Each child should be seen as an individual, with their own unique qualities.
Children should be treated with respect and dignity.
Young children should be treated in a warm and caring manner.
Social emotional development of the young child is one of the most important areas to help and guide.
I will give children the tools to become successful in life, to believe in themselves and to be kind to others.

Preschool children learn by “doing”. They are active learners who gain knowledge by working directly with concrete objects. Because of this my daily classroom routine consists of many hands on activities and projects designed to enrich your child. I believe each child is unique and will strive to nurture the intrinsic gifts each one of my students brings.

It is my goal that each child’s creativity and self-esteem be recognized. It is also my goal that each child learns new ideas and concepts but most of all realizes that learning in itself is an exciting adventure.