In 2016, we had our parents take a survey to see how we were doing.  Here are some of their comments.


I think that being part of a co-op program was a great benefit for our family. Our child will be prepared and ready for kindergarten, and I believe she has learned a lot so far this year. I love her excitement in doing new things and reading new books. Overall I would recommend this program to other families.

-Parent, Class of 2029

We really like Ms. Lisa!! We feel that she is doing very well with our child. We appreciate that she lets each child do their own projects and encourages them to be creative in their own way. We like how she has incorporated taking home library books into the program - encouraging more reading outside of class. We like the star student of the week, show and tell, and the classroom jobs. She has many wonderful projects and ideas - lots of fun things for the kids to do every day!!!

-Parent, Class of 2029

My child really enjoys Ms. Lisa. I feel as a parent I can see that Ms. Lisa genuinely cares about her students and creating a fun, safe space for them to grow and learn.

-Parents, Class of 2030

Our child really looks forward to going to school. Ms. Lisa makes class time fun and exciting - for the parents and the children!

-Parent, Class of 2030

Ms. Lisa is a joy to be around! She has a positive outlook and is a wonderful leader! The kids listen well to her and really seem to enjoy all of the fun projects!! She makes school fun!!

-Parent, Class of 2029

Riverview Co-op Preschool is a great place to make friends - for both the parents and the kids!!! We really enjoy the extra fun things that happen in the evenings/weekends - like movie night, craft night, the pumpkin patch event, the Christmas Program, and the Mom and Dad's nights!!! More family and friend time together just shows the kids how great it is to make new friends!!! Great school!!!

-Parent, Class of 2029


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